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Founder / CEO / Principal Instructor
Music Instructor (All Instruments and Theory)

Dante Flowers founded Enhanced Sound Music Group in 2015 to create learning opportunities through instruction, performance and recording. Since 2015, Dante expanded his business and as such, he rebranded Enhanced Sound Music Group to Music Central Performance Academy. 


 Dante believes that learning music is a life-long journey and should be shared with others along the way. Dante has a degree of Bachelor of Music with an emphasis in Music Performance in addition to Music Education coursework. Dante had the opportunity to share the stage with various artists, work as a studio musician, teach music in public school systems, work as a clinician, and many things in the music arena. 



Music Central Performance Academy Team

We have a team of instructors that teach on various instruments including piano, guitar, drums, violin, trumpet, all string instruments, all brass instruments, all percussion instruments, all wind instruments and vocal (singing) lessons as well. 

If you are interested in lessons, we will set up a time to meet with Dante Flowers, the Principal Instructor and we will determine who your child will learn under. 

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