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Jyrah Lucas is 9 years old. She has been playing piano for two years. Her experience with Enhanced Sound Music Group has been awesome and she loves it. She has improved tremendously and looks forward to playing.

 Sherita Lucas


Highly Recommended! I am amazed at the progress both of my children have made while taking piano lessons with Mr. Flowers. The sincerity and passion for their musical advancement that is shown during each lesson inspires them to be ready for next one, thus resulting in quick progression! So thankful we found Enhanced Sound Music Group!

Shanna Smith

I first started taking trumpet lessons with Dante when I was in the 9th grade, in the middle of my first fall season with the Georgia Bridgemen. I played 3rd trumpet, which is the lowest sound of the section. I was very comfortable being 3rd trumpet and didn’t see myself being any more than that; however, Dante had bigger plans for me. We worked throughout the year to prepare for the next band season. I had a goal to become a 1st trumpet player, and it sounded almost impossible to jump from 3rd to lead trumpet, but it was worth a try. The first day of band camp my 10th grade year, I was told I had 1st trumpet tryouts the next day. We had to try out in front of the whole section and I was one of the first to go. Nobody had ever heard me play because as a 3rd trumpet you’re not as noticed, but when I tried out everyone was shocked and didn’t expect that out of me. I found out a few minutes later that I made it in! So after I accomplished that we made a new goal, which was to have some type of solo during the show. I accomplished that goal also and got a spot in a trumpet quartet (4 person) solo for “When a Man Loves a Woman.” After that, I set my next goal, but I didn’t tell Dante about because it was a long shot. I was going to try out to be a section leader for my 11th grade year. Most of the time, a senior gets the spot and there was lots of good competition, so I didn’t think about it, or tell anyone because I didn’t want to jinx myself. I was so happy to get the role and Dante was extremely excited when he found out! I now have to find another goal to reach for my upcoming 11th grade year.

Brock Washington


I met Dante Flowers over five years ago. I was in need of a new teacher and our paths crossed! I have been playing classical piano for over 13 years, still continuing on with lessons. I've had many teachers since I was seven years old; but each one had something missing. Dante's teaching techniques, passion, appreciation, dedication, and love for music surpasses anyone that I have ever met. Dante, over the years has been influential in my learning experiences which has improved my playing ability, structure, and focus. It's so great to have a teacher who takes time to teach the details of music, makes it fun, but yet has strong focus and determination. You'll be so honored to call Dante Flowers your teacher, I know I am!

Allison Biskupiak

At the age of 38, learning the Hammond organ has been a dream come true for me for more than 20 years. My husband and I talked about this and we both agreed that I should invest in the courses offered from Mr. Dante Flowers. Learning how to play and operate the Hammond organ under his tutelage has been a phenomenal experience. Mr. Flowers trains with vast knowledge and skills. I started taking organ lessons from him back on 11/8/2016 at his church in Valdosta, GA. Back then, I didn’t have a clue of how to turn an organ on. As of today (6 months later), Mr. Flowers has me on another level of playing as far as both the organ and the keyboard. The theory that is offered during his sessions are extraordinary and the atmosphere is very professional at all times. He goes above and beyond to ensure that his students are well educated in music theory. It’s easy to know ‘how’ to play an instrument, but it’s even better to understand ‘what’ you’re playing. After 3 to 4 months of training, Mr. Flowers had me on a level high enough to embark upon online live organ training sessions from the comfort of my home. The virtual sessions have been extremely convenient given both of our busy daily schedules.  I serve as Minister of Music at my church and currently play keyboards during our services. Mr. Flowers had 3 ½ months to get me ready to play on an organ at another church for the first time during a full service this past April 2017. Even though my Pastor gave him the time frame of April, Mr. Flowers had a goal set to have me ready within 2 ½ months.  His 2 ½ month goal was achieved and I was able to successfully play the organ during the entire service at the church that we attended. Now my church has confirmed that they are indeed going to invest in an organ for our services. The church body is pleased with the training that he has given me as well.  My husband is indeed grateful and glad that we made the investment for these sessions. He too is very proud of the level that I am on when playing the organ and he tips his hat off to Mr. Flowers as well. For anybody who wants to learn how to play the Hammond organ (or any other instrument) and want to be educated in what they’re learning to play as well, I will only (and highly) recommend Mr. Dante Flowers. 

Shaquanta Hogan

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